Quartz Layer

Quartz Composer provides patch named Movie Importer. Within Quartz Composer Viewer movie is playing fine. (I’m using async mode). Inside Boinx TV movie does not play at all. It’s not loading movie at all.

What I shall to do, to get movie loaded within my custom layer in Boinx TV.

QC version 4.6 (148)
BTV version 1.9

The technical design of BoinxTV lets fail the Movie loader patch to load a QuickTime movie. Currently the only way to playback a movie is to use the “tvIn_VideoSourceAImage” input ( http://docs.boinxtv.com/layer_protocol_for_boinxtv_layers#inputs ) and attach the movie in BoinxTV. In addition there wouldn’t be a chance for BoinxTV to grab the audio coming from this movie.

Please can you be a more specific why it’s important to disable Movie Importer to load QT movies? Do you plan to change it? With Movie Importer, it will be really easy to make layer for movie playlists, etc.