Quartz Crashing


So I’m currently testing out MimoLive and would like to make some custom Quartz Composer elements. I’ve got a MacBook Air M2, running mimoLive 6.2.

For some reason, when I try to import a custom layer and then add it, mimoLive always crashes immediately. I even made a simple quartz project that had a single box on it. I noticed that the previous versions below 6 don’t crash. What changed? Thanks!


Hi @Dan_Pozzo_1493 We‘re excited that you’re building Quartz Compositions for mimoLive.

My guess is that your composition is missing one of the essential things to communicate with mimoLive.

There is a good starting point with a template that has all the required parts at Custom Layers - mimoLive - 5

The example there should work. Let me know if that is giving you troubles.


Thanks for your quick reply! So I’ve done some digging and discovered that the new mimoLive (above 6) crashes when there is an “Image Importer” element in the Quartz project. Can you confirm this and figure out why? Thanks!


Okay, well I figured out a work-a-round. Instead of using “Image Importer”, use “BX Image Importer”. Then it all works again! I’ve just got to go in all my custom compositions and swap them out.

Glad to hear you found the fix. I think the fact that there is a BX Image Importer probably means that the default one isn’t working. :grinning::+1: