Progressive Audio Delay During Live (De-sync)

I am experiencing a progressive audio and video desynchronization during my live streams that usually lasts an hour. Few hours ago I hosted a show remotely using 4 different mimoCalls and during rehearsals every worked fine but today as time past by audio and video were progressively out of sync until it reached about 3-seconds delay. The setting was:

1 MacBook Pro (2020, Intel) to run the show
3 mimoCalls (iPhones) for close-up shot of each presenter;
1 mimoCall (MacBook Pro + Logitech Brio) for wide shot and audio (Rodecaster Pro).

Since I’m not an expert nor a technical specialist, can anyone help me figure out what the root cause of this problem could be?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @allanabe I’m sorry to hear about the troubles.

mimoCall is not real time and as such not the best choice for connecting cameras that are in the same room and need to be in sync. It is designed to be used as a means to bring a remote camera in. On the mimoCall, audio and video will be in sync, but not relative to another mimoCall.

I recommend to use the NewTek NDI|HX camera app on the iPhones and connect the Rodecaster Pro and Brio directly to the MacBook running the show. There will be some delay between the Brio and the iPhones because NDI has a slightly different signal run time than USB. I also recommend to use a Lightning-Ethernet Adapter for the iPhones so you’re not adding the latency of the Wifi to the equation.

You can delay the audio from the Rodecaster in mimoLive slightly to make it sync with the cameras. (If you want it to be precise, use the AV Sync Meter layer.