Product Levels, Q's

Hi Gang, I’m really liking the new app after all. Lots of good work and very smooth movement. One thing I would ask is that you allow the expanding of the source and layer windows though. It’s hard to have a 5K display and still see truncated information.

Also, I bought the entry level version to support the early dev work, but now see that some of the features are missing. I was not expecting that based on the sales info and comparison. So are the versions limited? If so, where can I get a very specific detail on what is included in a purchase price.

Last, does anyone have any tips for controlling mimoLive with an x-keys controller?

Thanks, Jeff

One other thing - I was told a while back that this version would not need Cam Twist to use with some live streaming platforms. But I don’t see it working otherwise. What’s the current situation?