Problems with remote camera

I have istop motion running on an ipad3 with an iphone 4 as the remote camera. I am having problems with the two connecting having switched onto BT Infinity and a home hub 5. When they do eventually connect the shutter button on the ipad doesn’t work it hangs on ‘downloading HD image’.
The shutter does work on the iphone but takes a unacceptable length of time to download the frame.
Has anybody else come across this problem?

We had several reports from customers using BT Routers having issues. For some reason these seem to block parts of the bonjour networking that we use for iStopMotion for iPad. So far we haven’t found a solution to fix this.

We have the same issues, iPhone 4s, ipad2, bt infinity - if you press capture on the iPad it times out during the “downloading HD image” message, we have found if you press capture on iPhone it will work but obviously this isn’t ideal as you can easily move the camera! Is it possible to tether iPad and iPhone together would this work with istopmotion?

If one of the devices has a SIM card inside and personal hotspot is enabled you can tether them together and use it like this.