Problems with playback slideshow video on Eminent Mediaplayer 7280

Since april 2014 all the slideshows that I made with FM do not playback well on de Eminent 7280 and the Eminent 7385 Mediaplayer. Drop outs and “stuttering” ! However the same video’s play back very well on my pc and on the mac. I already replaced the HDD in de Eminent. All the old slideshows (same camera) made with FM are playing back oke on the my Eminent 7280. I rendered the same slideshows with several formats and several codecs, but without result. Anybody with the same problem? Or mayby the solution for this problem?

In the custom Export, please check if you have set it to Baseline or Main Profile
Many media players struggle with higher profiles.

I always rendered in custom export with Baseline Profile Auto; after your comment I tried with Main Profile Auto, but it didn’t work so far…