Problems with multiple slides in 6B28

I didn’t notice it before, but now I can neither insert several slides together at the marked position, nor move them there. Where the images are inserted is always several fields to the left of the desired position.
Inserting/moving single images on the other hand works.

I am unable to reproduce this. I moved several adjacent slides to a new position successfully and then hit Undo to return them to the original position.

I can confirm this issue. Was able to reproduce it repeatedly. Sent as beta feedback to Peter back on May 27.

in FM 6.0b36:
if you place 2 images in the same place on the storyboard (manually or by using snippet e.g. “2 Vertical”) you can’t move them together to another place. If you add a third image, you can successfully rearrange this triple.

Hi, willyman – maybe I’m not following, but it worked for me. I dragged the “2 vertical” snippet to the storyboard, placed one image into each of the placeholders, then selected both layers in that slide and dragged them both at the same time to another location on the storyboard. It worked as expected. Didn’t need to add a third layer for this to work. Again, maybe I’m not following what you did.