Problems with Aperture libraries

PhotoPresenter always worked great for me when I used iPhoto. After upgrading to Aperture, however, I have problems. PhotoPresenter seems to be using 1/2 sized previews instead of my actual master photos. Thus I get horribly blurry slides because PP scales up the 1/2 sized previews. Hints on how to fix?

It is technically only possible to get the previews, I’m afraid. I think you can change the size of the previews in Aperture, right?

Yes, that’s right. I just wasn’t sure if there was an easier way, a setting somewhere that would fix it. I tried changing the preview size to full and that fixes the problem, but at the cost of extra hard drive space.

I know, but that is the only possibility from the technical point of view, we have to work with what Aperture delivers… I’m sorry.