Problems Since I Tried to Upgrade

I have a mac using OS10.5.latest. I produce slideshows with audio to sync to my iPad via iTunes and/or share with clients. Until now, I have had no problems playing, syncing any file/compression type. Recently, when I opened PP, it indicated there was an upgrade, which I took. There was no indicator that the upgrade would not work with my ed. of mac OSX, which I found out when PP wouldn’t start. When I checked website, the ‘old’ 4.0 version wasn’t available to restore my useless version, so I copied the ‘old’ version from my laptop.

Now I find that 1) the audio files only play on my computer, not when I copy on to drives, or anywhere else. I use IMTOO conversion software to clear up problems like this (with other video file producers), but IMTOO can’t find audio either. Digital rights isn’t the issue, because this also occurs with owned files from Music Bakery. I also have found that 2) altho I can add these files to iTunes library, they will not sync to iPad. I also use Lightroom 3 to create slideshows with music and those files are rendering and syncing just fine.

7 days ago, I submitted a trouble ticket to Boinx but have not received a reply.