Problems saving to camera roll

I have the following problem when working with 2 ipads out of a group of 15.
When saving to the camera roll, the following message appears, “The Video could not be saved. Data unavailable”
Have tried ipad restore and reinstallation of app - does not help.
How can these videos be saved to the camera roll?

Is this the case for all iStopMotion clips on those two iPads or only specific movies?

Thanks for your reply,
This is the case for all iStopMotion on the iPads.

Hi Achim,
I have seen the files to support.
Is this question still being acted on?
I have not heard anything.


Sorry, it took a while to check your files. They are ok. I think it is something more obvious: Can you please check the security setting on those devices? It could be that the access for iStopMotion to your Photo app is switched off.

Yep, this did the trick.


i cannot save some clips to the camararoll. With some clips I get a error message that says: failure saving to camararoll and to be honest we have no idea why. What should I do?

@Matze13‌ Does the device have enough memory to store another video? (check in iOS Settings > General > Usage) When saving the video to camera roll it gets rendered in iStopMotion and saved to camera roll as a duplicate.