problems exporting movies

Hi, I’m just trying Fotomagico, with some photos and some videos, but noted that the videos play smooth and without problems when I play the slideshow inside Fotomagico, but if I try to export a quicktime movie of the slideshow I see that the pictures animation play ok, but the video play jerkly e.g. play just some freeze frame of the video.

I already tried to export many kind of video, .mov, .m4v, exporting at 30fps and 25fps, nothing work…

Any idea?


P.S. I’m using a new MacPro, with Maverick.

We also encountered this issue and started investigating it. Apparently it is tied to a rounding error in Apples Movie Playback framework. We’ll need to re-engineer this part by ourselves to make this work properly.

can you please download the latest update. We have fixed the jerky playback issue here:

Thanks Bastian, I’ve downloaded the update, but exporting an H264 produce a mov with the same defect (display a freeze frame that last some seconds, display another frame etc…). I tried also creating a new project with inside just one video.