problem with stand anone and different operating systems

we recently bought FotoMagico 4 (vers. 4.2.3) to use it with our Macbook with OS X 10.7.5. We sent up a presentation with about 100 slides (no sound) and were very happy until we tried to create a stand alone file. It did not work at all, just one slide was saved. Then I decided to save the work as a video and while watching the generation of the video I recognized that about 5 images showed broken connection. Afterwards I checked the presentation and found that the majority of the used images showed broken links. Even previous versions showed the same effect, broken links.

In parallel we had installed FotoMagico 4 on our brand new Macbook (OS X 10.8.4) and stored the complete show first on an USB stick and later to the new laptop. Again it was not possible to save a stand alone version and in addition the menue “Ablage” (sorry I don’t know the english name) was DIFFERENT. The function “save as” was not provided, it was not possible to save the show under a new name.

You can image that we were really frustrated as we needed the show urgently.

In addition I would like to post one “wish”. It would be very helpful to have a raster (grid) so that images could be positioned more easily when moving from one slide to the other.

I hope you can provide some helpful hints how to solve the broken links as well as the disaster with the stand alone version.


Hi, the problem with the missing images is also the problem with the Stand Alone Player: The player can’t advance to the next slide if an image is missing. We worked hard the last few weeks to resolve the missing link-bug and currently testing a beta release. It looks pretty good, so we have a good chance to release it this week. However, you can try the current beta, please only use duplicates of your project files, because we changed the file format which isn’t backward compatible anymore! Once you fixed the missing files in the projects with the new beta version they shouldn’t happen again! Any feedback is highly appreciated!

Thanks for the feature request about the grid! I put it on the list.