Problem with sandbox

Hi guys,
I’m testing FotoMagico 4.1 (18014)
I have problems importing old project made wit FotoMagico 3.
When I try to open the fms project there are a lot of sandbox error and the project is not open:(

Sandbox: FotoMagico(659) deny file-read-data /Multimedia/Pictures/Year/2005/PICT0079.JPG

This error happen for all the pictures and the music inside the project.
Any idea ho to solve this behaviour?


Here are some questions for you:

  1. Are you using the Download version or the MacApp-Store version of FotoMagico?
  2. What file type are your FotoMagico 3 Files? fms, ssp oder ssd?
  3. What does “project is not open” means for you? Do you have a document window with all the thumbnails but yellow triangles next to each slides and nothing showing up when selecting a slide?
  4. Do you have your files on a separate hard disk called “Multimedia”? What format is this disk formatted in? HSF?

Hi Achim, thanks a lot for your response:)

  1. I downloaded it from your web site (to test it)
  2. fotomagico3 file version is .fms
  3. the project is open but with yellow triangle, when I select the triangle on the console I have permission denied errors… so no thumbnails available
  4. /Multimedia is a nfs mount point coming from a qnap nas, just for your info with fotomagico3 I’ve never had access problems

Thanks a lot

Hi Achim,
any idea?

Sorry for my delayed reply. The major difference between FotoMagico 3 and FotoMagico 4 in terms of file access is that the version 4 is “sandboxed” which means the MacOS is controlling wether or not a file can be read by FotoMagico or not (including the image files inside a project file!). It may be that the sandbox demon has problems with your setup. Please can you try to move your FotoMagico project file to the local hard disk and open it from there? It does contain all the images, right?

Hi Achim,
I’ve already tryed to move the project with the images inside to the desktop, but I’ve always the permission denied error and, even if the files are inside the project, the error is on the remote filesystem, very strange!

I’ve downloaded version 4.2 with the same results, unreadable:(
To test again, I’d installed the version 3 and magically all goes well, the sandbox is always the same so I think that is a version 4 problem…

PS: here the syslog errors with version 4.x:

Feb 19 22:43:07 sakura kernel[0]: Sandbox: FotoMagico(926) deny file-read-data /Multimedia/Music/Year/2005/Natalie Imbruglia - Shiver.mp3
Feb 19 22:43:07 sakura kernel[0]: Sandbox: FotoMagico(926) deny file-read-data /Multimedia/Pictures/Year/2005/2005-04-24 Malesia Perhentian Islands/PICT0091.JPG

To clarify: FotoMagico 3 isn’t sandboxed, thats why those issues only happens with FotoMagico 4.

If the app can’t find the image it is looking for, it has several strategies to find it anyways. One of them is to look in the original location where it was copied from. Maybe we have a wrong heuristics here with the sandbox. We’ll have a look.

I too am having a sandbox problem. See