Problem with Panasonic AG AC 90PJ


I have a Macpro 5.1, 3.2GHZ Intel Xeon Quad Core, 20GB RAM, 512GB SSD Disk, Nvidia Quadro card, with 10.8.5 and a Panasonic AG AC 90PJ, which have 1080i - 1080P - 480i HDMI output options

I have also, a BM Decklink mini recorder PCI card

I just download the Boinx demo, in order to evaluate before buy

When I adjust the panasonic with the BM Desktop video, I can see the camera only in 1080i 29.97 input setup and look perfect.

The thing is that, Boinx TV doesn’t have 1080i 29.97 setup, but if If choose 1080 60i 59.97 I be able to see the camera, but a lot of drop frames and latency

Another camera, a consumer Sony, have 720P and look perfect also.

What can I do? Any suggestion?

Best regards, sorry for my poor english