Problem with Chroma Key and question


I have Mac Os X Lion and the chroma key not works… I open the “Chroma Key Source” and the app stop working and closed.
Why it happens?

Another question, are there any way to pause a video and resume it later instead of play another time?



I also have a problem with Lion and BoinxTV Home chromakey. The screen appears for a few seconds and then the program stops working. It’s a major bug for me because I use this program a lot with green screen function. Can’t it be fixed with an update in the appstore?

Can you confirm if the same issue arises with the BoinxTV Beta 1.8.2b2 ? You can download it at . Hope it is resolved with the beta.

Just FYI, BoinxTV 1.8.2 (final) has just been released.

I’m having a similar problem: While my iStopmotion app doesn’t crash when trying to apply the chroma key, it simply doesn’t work at all. Here’s what I did:

  • create a new, empty project
  • import my stills using Movie > Import Images… > from Disk
  • switch to Compositing sidebar
  • pick one of the standard backgrounds that come with iStopmotion (I do have an Express license, but this way we can rule out that my custom background causes the issue)

Now the next step would be to define my chroma key color, but the color selector and the two buttons (“Pick Color” and Advanecd Settings) stay grayed out.

Please help - the ability to chroma key my stop motion frames was the reason for me to buy iStopmotion in the first place!

Chroma keying in iStopMotion does not work with imported stills, just with frames taken “live”, I’m afraid…

Hmm, that’s very disappointing! It doesn’t say so anywhere on the website nor in the documentation. This is a major draw-back in iStopmotion’s functionality! And it means that I will have to re-take all the material captured earlier… Please do future users a favor and point this deficiency out in the software’s description.

yes very disappointing - should be a standard feature if you already have chrome keying (makes users believe they can use their own green screen footage) which shouldn’t be that hard to incorporate - so please add in future updates - thanks!

hi, using istopmotion 3 with images captured through istop. the chroma key button is greyed out. Any help