Problem with Camera Sources

OK, People,

Maybe it’s a case for Support (I’ve send an e-mail)… But, if someone can help, please…

a) No sources (camera) are “connected” in Boinx… They are connected in iMOvie (Sony HDV1000) and Epiphan software (VGA2Ethernet Frame Grabber).

So: they are working fine! But Boinx doesn’t see them!

This Boinx was, at first, installed by Migration Assintant (from my Macbookpro)… So i’ve uninstalled it, then I installed a brand new downloaded version… (1.8.4) With a new license! ;-/

But camera sources are not connecting…

Mic sources are quite well!

not even FaceTime HD camera is working! :-/

Please… some Idea?

It’s a LION 10.7.4 iMAC 27 pol. with 16GB RAM! :-/

Joao Antonio - Brazil

Just a thing: I’ve re-installed BoinxTV because I wonder it’s a license problem… by the Migration… ;-/

I have a similar situation going on. The Canon works with IMOVIE, but only gives me sound with BOINX. I am using the Mac Pro 2009. Waiting to fix this problem before I purchase BOINX. If you figure it out let me know. Please…thanks.