Problem with blackmagic UltraStudio mini recorder with BoinxTV

Hi everybody, I have a problem with the video acquisition board that I would like to use with boinxtv I’ve got a Mac Pro from first half 2008 without the thinderbolt door, so I puchased at the Apple Store, a thinderbotl to firewire converter when I connect the mini recorder to the Mac, this doesn’t get recognised from the boinx tv and from blackmagic app neither.any ideas on how I can solve this ? is there any chance at all that I can connect it to my MP ? ( considering that there is no Thinderbolt but just an adapter ? )

This doesn’t work. The TB > FireWire adapter only works the other way around to connect FireWire devices to a Thunderbolt port. You can return the mini recorder since it will not work with the old MacPro. You want to get a BlackMagic intensity card instead. It is basically the same as the mini recorder, but as a plugin card for your old MacPro.

Thanks, I already have a blackmagic intensity pro.
In Boinx tv I do not display the screen of the computer that I have connected to the card by HDMI. If I use blackmagic media express It works perfectely.
How can I see the screen/preview even on Boinx TV?