Problem when importing photos

I want to create an animated film with my students. We only have PCs in my school, so my students take their photos via MonkeyJam and can preview their films.

To assemble their different films to constitute only one, I wish to use my Istopmotion. However, when I import the photos in png format (it is the same in Jpeg) taken with MonkeyJam on Istopmotion, the photos appear in the Timeline but they are all cut about 2cm down, whatever The format I select in “File” / “Document Settings”.

Do you have any idea how I can do ?

thank you !

Can you provide some sample files?

I have the same problem - aspect ratio is same in settings, but images in preview come out cropped no matter what I do.

@mwpinkblue Please can you provide sample images? What document settings did you use for your iStopMotion project?