Problem up loading slide show to YouTube

I use Foto magico 5.6.14 . on macOS Monterey 12.5.1 . my slideshow looks and works well until I upload it to YouTube then all my images are out of focus and dark . Iv never had this happen before can any one help . when I go into settings on YouTube all Im getting up on my slide show is the speed setting which is ticked on Normal . Can any one help

Hi @los I’m sorry to hear about the troubles. YouTube re-encodes the videos you upload to different resolutions so it is possible that you’re looking at a very low res version of your video. You can check this on YouTube with the little cogwheel icon in the video player where it says “Quality”. You can also check in your YouTube Studio to see if the file has been already encoded in the high resolution. To make sure there were no problems during upload, you can also export your video first to your local disk and then upload it.