Probably the best streaming solution for BoinxTV

If Boinx Software have plans to integrate streaming functionality in BoinxTV, I think it’s worth paying attention to an app called CocoaSplit.
The output of BoinxTV can already be passed to CocoaSplit via Syphon. You just create a plain Syphon Server layer, place it above all others and put live, and it will appear as an available Syphon input in CocoaSplit. Moreover, a Syphon client app may run minimized or even in command line, so perhaps a tight and efficient integration would be possible someday.

Thanks for your suggestion, we will have a look into it!

Gludahill, do you have a howto for creating the syphon layer?

Here comes a bit from the labs:
This is a workaround until we have streaming built in. This can be used with Camtwist and CocoaSplit. Please understand that this comes with no support.

Man, this is AWESOME! I’m looking forward to finding out about the processor footprint, which I believe will be reduced, but this allows for some much needed extra screen real estate, since there’s no need to have an open live output window to send into Camtwist!

Fantastic - thanks Bastian.

From Livestream Producer: average CPU usage dropped from about 80% to 55% using the result of Bastian’s lab work. Thanks a lot!!!

Great to see some development from my suggestion.
Another great thing about Syphon is that its output can be grabbed by multiple apps simultaneously. For example, you can stream using CocoaSplit and record a ProRes file using Syphon Recorder - another nice app - with “Record to disk” in BoinxTV itself disabled. This will give you the lowest consumption of system resources.
Note that CocoaSplit will bring you the best possible live encoding quality thanks to x264.

Hey guys, I am new to BoinxTV and awaiting a new Mac Pro to run a feed with 2-3 HDMI feeds. Anyone worked with the new Mac Pro and BoinxTV? Looking to make sure that it works before I get too excited…

isiFederal I’d love to hear about your experience with the new macpro. I’ve been eyeing one greedily since they were announced…

We are waiting for our delivery. It will be delivered “in February” according to Apple. We’ll keep you posted on our Blog as soon as we had a chance to test it.

isiFederal, I am very interested about the new MacPro because I am going to buy one, and I do not know which is the right config. for my needs. I have just created a new topic about that
(New 2013 MacPro - which graphic board and cpus).
If you agree it would be great to post all about new MacPro 2013 and BoinxTV there.

Hello. On OSX 10.9, where do I find the “Compositions” & “QC Plug-Ins” folder to copy the .qtz and syphon.plugin to?
Thanks for the help.

Hi guys, I have been doing some experiments and wanted to find out the easy and dirty way: is it possible to stream from Cocoasplit directly into YouTube for a live, hangout on air session? I have been trying to avoid the direct, “Quick” event type on YouTube because I want to benefit the most from Syphon, and removing Camtwist from the mix would be great. Thanks!