Printing a poster from your frames?

Hi there!

I have been using istopmotion pro, and I am nearing completion of a small project shot in hd, and was wondering how would I ago about making a fairly large print using the full resolution of video?

I noticed that the images loose a lot of resolution when merely exported to the computer.
Thanks in advance!

I don’t entirely understand what you mean, if you select all the frames in the timeline and choose File > Export Selection > As Images, iStopMotion will export all of the frames in the original resolution.

Oh, well that is a bit concerning regarding the actual resolution of the film, because I did export the frames as images, and the resolution it was showing me when I opened them in preview was only 54. Why would you think that is? Thank you so much for your help.

Hello Carlota,

are you talking about the “dpi” value (or “ppi” value) of 54? This value isn’t that much relevant when viewing a picture on screen. Since this is the ratio between pixel size and the size on screen or paper, this value can vary for the same image without changing anything. If you want to print out a full HD video frame (1920 pixels wide) and you want a print quality of 300 dpi, you will get a 6 inch wide image on the print out. If you go down to 150 dpi you will get a 12 inch wide picture, and so on. If you print the image with your mentioned 54 dpi, the resulting print out would be 35 inch wide.

Oh wow, that makes so much more sense, seems I had that all backwards.
Thank you for your help!