Presenter layer ... feature request

Greetings. I am wanting to do some updates on our basic conference template. We like the 3D rotation of the talking head in the Presenter layer. But, we have had to switch to PIP, because we have a mix of 4:3 and 16:9 Keynote/PowerPoints to display – we don’t like the black side bars on a 4:3 presentation displayed in a 16:9 in the Presenter layer.

So we created two Placer layers for the projector video … one for 4:3 and one for 16:9, and we added a PIP layer (actually two identical PIP layers, each with a keyboard shortcut matching the projector Placer layers so the Placer and PIP layers toggle together).

I noticed the 2D Presenter layer has some image manipulation/scaling controls but not a full set … and it’s 2D, not 3D for the embedded talking head.

So my feature request is this …

Please update the Presenter layer to add scaling, cropping, and x/y positioning for the two separate graphic elements. That way we can customize and optimize everything all on one layer. In our case we would duplicate the layer to optimize separately for 4:3 and 16:9.

For an extra bonus, I’d ask that there also be a feature with keyboard shortcut on the Presenter layer to display and hide the talking head. We’d use this when the projector image is made large enough to almost fill the screen … and the talking head is partially overlayed on the projector image. During some of the scientific presentations we may need to display the the portion of the projector image that is covered by the talking head so toggling the talking head on and off would be a bonus!

Thanks for a great product!