Presenter 2D layer has very high load

I am having some issues with a show we are working on that will have 4 or 5 simultaneous mimoCall clients. This is pushing the computer (16" 8 core i9 32GB) to its limits right now so I am trying to optimise the performance.

One thing I have noticed is that the Presenter 2D layer puts an inordinately high load on the system. Even when the 2 source images are still, I am seeing a load of 12-15ms for that layer, which is well above all other layers. Is this to be expected? It does seem rather high.

The other layer with the next highest load is the Split Screen (not surprisingly), although with 4 (and sometime 5) sources active, its load is usually lower than the Presenter 2D layer.

I am routing the Presenter layer back into the Split Screen as one of its sources (via Syphon), but I don’t see why that would affect the load on the Presenter layer itself.

Any thoughts or suggestions welcome, as I’m keen to make this setup work; without dropped frames and intermittent audio…