Presentation mode skips slides


I just updated to v6.2.2 but now my slideshow doesn’t work OK anymore. In the update notes for this version it says that skipping slides when using the right arrow to move on to the next slides is solved now. Wierd enough this is eactly what is happening in my slideshow now. Slides are skipped sometimes, I see the next slide just a very short moment and continues with the same slide that was current already.
It seems to be happening in a random way??

Any suggestions?

I think if I understand you right, I have the same issue. Some weird stuff is going on, the second slide shows on top of the one that actually are the next one. And it all seems out of control. This happens just in a part of the slideshow, and it does not help delete that part, because it just happens again on the same place.

True! That’s exactly my problem.

I can confirm the weirdness, but it’s not consistent. I did a quick test, threw in about 10 slides, set them to Interactive, and played the show. Sometimes the next slide displayed as expected. Sometimes a slide further along in the presentation displayed BEHIND the next expected slide (so two images appeared at the same time even though only one should be displayed), even though the one showing underneath was 3, 4, 5, or more slides later in the timeline. Sometimes the next slide displayed, but the PREVIOUS slide still displayed BEHIND the expected slide.

I then tried resetting the slide show and playing it again, and everything worked normally. Did another reset, and it was messed up again, but differently than the first time.

Oh, boy… :frowning:

Hi @fcbcharly @Kai_Jensen @stantastic Thanks for reporting! This is a serious problem and we have made it the highest priority to release a fix asap. You can always fall back to a previous version that worked for you by downloading it from