Pre-Recorded video switching

I’ve got an event I shot with two separate camera angles. I also used GarageBand to record separate audio from a mixer. Can I use BoinxTV to switch back and forth the two cameras with one audio source? I added the two .mp4 videos and tried switching back and forth. Each time I hit the live button for the next camera switch, it didnt continue playing…it started back from its beginning. Maybe someone could shed some light on this situation? Thanks!

Layers restart movies each time they are switched live. The easiest solution for your case is to use the Video Switcher layer and set the two .mp4 movies as two sources. Once you switch the Video Switcher layer live both movies will be started synchronously and continue to run as long as the layer is on.

Use an additional Audio Only layer to add the prerecorded sound track to your mix. Then you may of course add various other layers for text, tickers, …