Post BoinxTV web compression

Have got loads of repeat work filming conferences since I started using Boinx TV in Feb. Fantastic app when you get used to it… Every client has a different way of uploading the final results though. Can anyone recommend a good format for the final product once the movie file has been tidied up in Final Cut Pro…?
I find that conference slides can look pretty dodgy when compressed too much.

Well you definitely want to go with h.264 compression. Make sure you use a keyframe every 2 seconds or so. That will reduce the likelyhood of video “falling apart” as soon as you switch to a slide. Rule of thumb here: The higher the bitrate the better.

We use Quicktime X to make our FCP and Boinx videos ready for the web. Open the video then from File> Save for web. If it’s a long piece then make it iPhone sized.

I have to do 2 passes: I pick the best h.264 format coming out of iMovie '11 matching the output resolution (my case it’s 720p) & then use HandBrake to compress for vimeo (set the 500mb limit, sometimes a few mb short to make sure it fits!) & then the 2nd file is uploaded (we have the basic service with the 500mb/wk limit).

so it all depends on customer needs. HandBrake will not compress the AIC file right out of Boinx. you could also try iVI (“Ivy”), I’ve heard good things of it & see if that fits in better: