Poor quality from iMac iSight camera

I’m using iStopMotion 2 on my iMac, and using the iSight camera the quality in the Preview window (and in the final recording) is very poor: it’s all out of focus. If I look in the ‘Device Settings’ window, the image is sharp and clear, as it should be. What am I doing wrong?


Can’t figure this out either and we’re on 3.02 and Mountain Lion (10.8.2). Doesn’t seem to offer a focus-freeze option that the trial version had. Still looking in settings, but there aren’t that many. I’m wondering if the App Store version is limited (hate that about the MAS). Unfortunately, that’s the only way to buy it now.

@Maccelerate: We are not limiting the App Store version in any way. Can you post a screen shot where you show both the sharp image and the blurred one in comparison? And: What does the bottom line of the “Settings” window in iStopMotion tells you about the native resolution?