Poor link to iPhone

Using the iPhone as camera and iPad as controller - I get a link between the two and an image is displayed but it is very VERY slow to respond and very blocky. Keep getting a “time out” message when I try to operate the camera.
Obvious reason would be a poor WiFi access but I am surprised that it is that bad.
So …

Is there any way to connect the iPhone camera and iPad Without WiFi ?
eg a wired connection.

Can the two Devices not create an ad hoc wifi between them without using an external broadband router ?

If the answer to the above is NO - can I use an old router and set it up in my shooting area and create a WiFi network without access to the internet ? ie a network dedicated simply to the iphone and ipad for the purpose of using iStopMotion ???

Thoughts and suggestions welcomed

Hi Pixcels!

It could be that your iPhone and iPad found them selfs via Bluetooth and there fore the transmission of the live video lags and have poor quality. Could you please try to disable bluetooth on both devices?

Secondly: We recently updated iStopMotion for iPad and iStopCamera. This update addresses some connection problems between those apps. We highly recommend to update them in the App Store!

Thanks I’ll give that a try.
Went to upgrade my Version 3.1 at the App Store but I’m only offered to “Open” it - no upgrade seems available

After turning off the Bluetooth on the iPad the link did improve but when I checked the iPhone the Bluetooth was already off. So whatever accounted for the improvement in the link must be something else.
Would be more straightforward if the two devices could communicate directly without going through the third party of WiFi which is always fraught with problems.