Please support Black Magic Capture Card

I want to capture from BlackMagicProducts.
why cannot I find it on device list?
if you know how to use Black Magic Capture, please tell me.
sorry my poor english.

Hi, in general, we do support BMD cards. With some device/driver combinations, customers reported issues. Can cou tell me what device, driver version, BoinxTV version and System version you are running?

thanks for your reply.
I use UltraStudio MiniRecoder.
Driver is DeskTopVideo9.6.8

Same here!
We also experience troubles to list the Blackmagic device into the list of available inputs.
We use the Blackmagic h.264 encoder, which works fine on the same computer with other programs but cannot be recognized by BoinxTV.
Any idea how to fix this? Is this a recurring problem?
Thank you for your help!

…just as a follow-up, we tried on four different Mac: same problem with all of them (iMac 2x, Mac book, Mac book pro)!
Blackmagic’s h.264 converter, using a Sony EX-3 plugged through HD-SDI, did not work… at all.

iOS version 10.6 and above.
…too bad we spent roughly 30 man-hours trying EVERY combination possible, updating softwares, changing cables and thinking the unthinkable. The H.264 encoder cannot get recognized :frowning:

…However, we remark that in the meantime the device is correctly recognized by at least one other Mac software: we made it work properly with LiveStream Procaster, on the same machine, at the same time.

So our conclusion:
BoinxTV does not support Blackmagic’s H.264 encoder even if H.264 encoder is recognized by the Mac machines and seems to work with (some) other softwares properly.