Please suggest a hardware configuration


I have been trialing ML and I think it is going to work well for our use case. We currently have a Mac Mini (2018 with i3 and 8 Gig of Ram) driving 3 65" TVs through the HDMI port and 2 USB-C ports. There is a Logitech MeetUp conference camera hooked to a USB-A connection. We use this setup for zoom calls and it works great. We have the need to do a more professional presentation to our Zoom meeting joiners. We will need to be able to take in a live video feed from the Meetup camera as well as up to 4 people joining through MimoCall. We will also need to be able to play video and still media files. We will feed this through a virtual camera (I realize it is currently broken) as a Zoom input. Am I going to be able to run all of this or do I need to upgrade?

Thanks in advance.

Anybody have any ideas?

My guess would be that the i3 is a bit too slow for doing all of this. I have an Mac mini with an i7 and if I use more than one Full HD display, I’m in trouble with mimoLive because of the graphics card sharing main memory. I recently got a Sonnettech eGFX Breakout Puck and that helps a lot.

If you have the budget, I recommend to upgrade to a top of the line iMac 27". Those have a lot of horsepower, a dedicated graphics card and a gorgeous display.

Thank you so much. I will take a look at the Puck.