please provide doc

I’m trying to get SDI output from Matrox MXO, but I can’t

The only doc with that info, have a 404 error

Please fix it, or if someone of you know how, please let me know

We moved the page content to a Wiki.[]=matrox

What I am reading from your post is, that you want to have the resulting BoinxTV video as an SDI signal? Unfortunately you can’t do this with the Matrox MXO, because we only can use it as an input device. Please configure BoinxTV to playout on the secondary monitor output of your computer in full screen mode and put the DVI video signal through a DVI-to-SDI-converter box.

Hi Achim

Thanks for ask.

As far as I know, Matrox MXO (the original one) is an Output device, it haven’t capture properties…

BTW, when I click the link “Download User Guide for Matrox MXO2”, I get the 404 error…

Okay, I found the issue

Matrox MXO support up to Lion only

I have Mountain Lion, so, the Matrox is not recognized