Please help me on my configuration of Boinxtv.

Please help me on my configuration of Boinxtv. I plan on buying Boinxtv for my church to use but before I do I want to make sure I have the right set up to use it. I know a mac pro would be the best for what we are doing and I wish I could go out and buy a mac pro but we don’t have the money for that. We have two HD cameras and will be using another computer for slides and stuff. I had two idea to try and get this to work.

Get a new imac which has two thunderbolt input and one firewire input. Use one camera with the blackmagic intensity extreme and the other camera with the firewire input and see if I could switch between the two
Buy a mac book pro and see if that would work. Using the thunderbolt and firewire inputs. Maybe even adding a express card if I have to.

Please help. If you have a better idea please tell me I would love to hear it.


this would be the bare min I would buy:

the refurbs from apple are a good deal usually. same warranty & can get applecare too for considerable savings.

boinx eats up the graphics processor pretty good, but the encoders that stream live to the web (Flash Media Live Encoder) hits the CPUs. on the Mac I listed the only upgrade on the GPU is more ram. mine seems to do ok (early 2011 MBP) with the current version but may change with 2.0(?). I haven’t tried on a quad i5 iMac but it should technically be able to carry the load. I’d figure out the budget for the mac & spend up to it with the upgrades you can afford (namely the i7 & GPU RAM upgrade). system ram is much cheaper from places like & SSD isn’t really needed (at least right now).

if you are looking at doing 3 HD sources tho, I’d buy the biggest one you can get.

don’t get a MBP if you don’t need it to be portable. The firewire cam is a good thought but in reality, mixing with 2 other feeds would likely cause issues because the FW cams seem to have considerable latency to them (more so than connected via expresscard or TB). the advantage right now to going MBP is the expresscard slot but when the PCIe TB cases FINALLY come out, this will be moot as you can then get the blackmagic desktop cards instead - thus being able to daisy chain as well.

& with the 27" screen, you could pull in the remote screen via VNC or screenshare (if the other is a Mac) & do a screen source on your desktop with Boinx. I’ve done that before.