Playout with alpha channel

It’s that possible?? I tried using an AJA KONA Lhe like a system graphics card but I only can see the program signal.
Have the software this feature? I wish to use it just like titles playout, integrated in a existing broadcast workflow.

For me and many of my broadcasting collegues this would be fantasitc and a real game changer on the market, as we are all seeking for high performing, easy to use AND affordable modular software solutions (see “vizrt trio”) due to a growing low budget live broadcasting market! With this in my opinion upgrade in combination with a blackmagic decklink or AJA hardware I/O you would definitely be fantasic regarding the interface design and performance compared to the crappy solutions of magicsoft or caymangraphics :slight_smile:

Any answer? I still trying it but there is no luck…
I appreciate any kind of help.

Fully agree with my 2 colleagues!