Playing panoramic images

I have just returned from a holiday during which I took many panoramic images with my iPhone. Now I want to include them in a slide show and want the program to zoom into the image so it occupies the full height of the screen and then pan horizontally from the left hand side of the image to the right hand side. I want to be able to mix ordinarily sized images with panoramic images in my slide show/movie so obviously I want to be able to specify which images are treated as a panorama and which images are treated normally.

Can FotoMagico do this for me. I have an old version of this program (3.7.5) but don’t want to spend heaps of money upgrading it to work on my Mac unless I KNOW that the program will do exactly what I want!


I can’t remember what an old version of FM 3.7.5 allows and doesn’t allow, but I can tell you what the LATEST version can do – or at least how to do it.

Import your panoramic image into a slide, then scale it so it fits vertically on the stage (top to bottom)(and assuming you’re talking about a horizontal pan – landscape – versus say a vertical pan, like tall trees) – then animate that slide. For the start, push the image all the way to the right (so the LEFT edge of the image butts up against the left side of the stage), then on the finish, push the image all the way to the left (so the RIGHT side butts up against the right side of the stage). Adjust the duration of the slide to control how fast it moves. When it plays, the image should pan from left to right.

You can also do the same thing with a normal image (not taken on your phone in panorama mode), assuming you have “part” of the image that you want to pan (like maybe by cropping top and bottom areas, or wherever). Place the image, and then apply a mask that hides the areas you don’t want. Again, scale the image so that it’s larger than the stage size. Now just animate the same way as above. The image should pan within the mask area.

Does that help in describing what you want?