Hey all,

I’m working on an animation that I started last summer. I have a macbook pro retina, and just bought istopmotion 3 (before that I was using istopmotion 3, but on someone else’s computer). The video plays perfectly fine on quicktime, but when I play it back in istopmotion to preview it, it stutters and doesn’t play smoothly (the white vertical line at the bottom of the screen that moves as the video plays back is stuttering too). I tried playing with the settings, but I can’t get it go away. Any ideas? I think it might have something to do with the program working slowly but I’m not sure.

Also, just noticed that it play smoothly when I removed the music, but stutters when I add it back in. I’m making a music video though, so I need to be able to have the music.

That’s really unusual: I would think that playing back in QuickTime player makes it stutter and in iStopMotion it should run smoothly. But this is only true for big image data. As you mentioned the problem seems to to related to the use of audio. May I ask what type of audio file you are using? Sample rate, duration and codec? How big is your file?

The file is an MPEG-4 (although itunes says it is an AAC), it is 3:12 long, bit rate 256 KBPS, sample rate 44.100 kHz, 6.1 MB. I dragged in a different random mp3 and the same problem happened.

Maybe you have to re-encode the audio to a different codec to create a clean audio file?