picture in picture

need help on this picture in picture problem i tried following the on line manual but still can’t get it when i come close i can’t place the picture or resized it where i want it. is there a step by step instruction that may be on youtube.

Can you post a mockup of what you want to accomplish?

thanks i did in photoshop this may be the easy way to do it.

enter image description here

picture in picture

Unfortunately, the image post did not work as you need to upload it to a webserver. Do you have Dropbox, iCloud or like and can share the link to the image?


Thanks for uploading the mockup. Here is what I would do:

The background is a simple Placer layer.

For the over-shoulder image I would also use a Placer layer. In the Geometry section of the parameter panel you will find a popup menu “Show as:”. Set this to “Custom” and use the crop, scale and position settings to position the image in the top right corner, crop and scale it to the dimensions you want. You can also use the controls in the preview window to do that with the mouse.

Let me know if that worked for you.

Placer layer. In the Geometry section of the parameter panel this does not show in Pro version 5.1.3 if it does I can’t find it.

Ah! Sorry, my mistake, I gave you the instructions for the wrong program (mimoLive).

In FotoMagico, simply drag the second image on top of the first in the timeline/storyboard. Then rescale and position to your liking. The border feature is available in FotoMagico Pro, where you find it in the Images section of the Parameters tab when you have the top image selected.

Does that help?