Has anyone had any success in streaming to Picarto.tv? It’s a Twitch-like service, but oriented toward artists and illustrators. I’ve tried streaming directly out of mimoLive (which doesn’t work), and using OBS via a virtual camera (which won’t work in 1920x1080, but will in 1280x720, which isn’t acceptable).

Any ideas?

@“John Lotshaw” Thanks for giving mimoLive a try. I hadn’t heard of Picarto.tv before. Looks like a cool platform. As it seems to use RTMP it should work. Configuration should be similar to what they describe for xsplit. You’ll need a Stream URL and a Stream key as described here: http://help.picarto.tv/knowledge_base/topics/how-to-configure-xsplit-software

If I read it correctly, in order to be able to stream more than 720p, you’ll need a premium account. But please check with them to make sure.