PhotoPresenter 4 still can't keep time to music

Before Boinx purchased PhotoPresenter, the software did a wonderful job of playing a series of slides for as long as one song. It would start the slideshow at the beginning of the music and end at the end of the music. Sorry but after Boinx rewrote the software the first slide becomes truncated (doesn’t play as long as subsequent slides) and the music ends just as the 2nd to last slide starts and there’s nothing for the last slide. Changing the song so it’s longer or shorter doesn’t make a difference. It was this way in version 3 and 4 is no better. I’ve been holding off on buying PhotoPresenter because of this. It worked before but doesn’t now.

Also, the slow fade transition is now gone. Sigh…

Any updates (fixes) on these issues and I’ll buy it.

Fade-Transition: There is a work-around for you! You can use the “Random” theme and deselect all other transitions than “Dissolve” in the theme options.

Music-Sync: Did you select the “Adjust to music” timing option in “Slideshow > Slide Duration”?