photopresenter 4 music trouble


Please help!!

I’ve added the photos i want for the slideshow, thats all fine. Then i put music to it, that seems fine. I click “adjust to music”, thinking the photos and music will finish at the same time but when i export it and burn it to DVD their are images (about 7 or so) that wont come up because the music finishes and it goes back to the menu…???

why doesn’t it show all the photos and end with the music altogether !!!??

please help, URGENT!

cheers, Oliver

Hello Oliver,

what does it look like when you playback the show directly in PhotoPresenter? Does the music and the slides end together?

Hi Achim,

Thank you so mush for getting back to me. Its 685 images so i’ve not tried because it takes about 40 mins to sit through. i know it doesn’t finish from watching it on the dvd player and fast forwarding it to the end.

i’ll try and play it in photopresenter and see what happens…

kind regards, Oliver