Photo app aspect ratio

Greetings from Puerto Vallarta, México!

I just purchased PhotoWall+ and was trying it out this morning with my iPhone 6S. Much to my surprise, upon sending the photos to the TV, I noticed they were not in 16:9 aspect ratio. Given the fact that most TVs today have screens with this ratio, I would have expected the camera to use the same ratio.

When I sent a previously taken 16:9 photo, it displayed properly.

I looked for a place in which to configure the aspect ratio, both in the AppleTV app and on my iPhone, and I couldn’t find a setting.

Any comments?

Thanks in advance,



Thanks for supporting us and purchasing PhotoWall+.

We kept the original aspect ratio of the iPhone photo camera. If you want to use other aspect ratios, you can use any camera app on the iPhone that offers other aspect ration photography and use the Sharing Extension of the PhotoWall+ Cam to send photos from any camera app to the PhotoWall+ on the Apple TV.

There are also several slide show styles which you can access by press-and-holding the remote control button and choosing from a menu. The “Stream” option fills the whole 16:9 screen with pictures in your photo wall.

Hope this helps.