Periodic Update of XML FIle in Sports Standings Layer

I am trying to build a simple live scoring layer based on “sports standings”. The only thing missing really is a periodic update of the XML file that is used by the layer. I am planning to use a script to update the XML but the Sports Standings Layer never refreshes.
I tried sending an UpdateSignal to the XML Importer, which works in the Viewer of Quartz Composer (it refreshes the displayed info once I change the XML file), but it doesn’t work within BoinxTV.
Can you give me a hint how to refresh the display in BoinxTV??

The mistake we made when designing the layer is the “_TypeFilePath” extension for the “Score XML” input for the XML file. This gives the user a nice “file-selector-window” in the BoinxTV User Interface, but the disadvantage of the file being copied into the document bundle. This file copy is used regardless if the original file gets changed.

So you have to remove the “_TypeFilePath” from this input parameter (best done by hitting command-3 when nothing is selected in the QuartzComposition editor) then you will get a string input in BoinxTV where you have to enter the full path of your XML file manually. but then the Update Signal at the XML Importer patch will work. (Please don’t forget to change the layer identifier in the composition information from “” to something of your own, so that BoinxTV doesn’t try to replace your custom layer in documents with a new one we are going to ship someday.

Thanks alot Achim, that worked!