Performance on PowerMac G5


We have a late 2005 model PowerMac G5 with the following specs:
Dual CPU at 2GHz
10GB of PC2-4200 DDR2 RAM
GeForce 6600 PCIe x16 w/ 256MB video memory
250GB 7200rpm SATA system drive
500GB 7200rpm SATA recording drive

We are seeing the rendering load in BoinxTV staying at around 95% constantly with a single DV camera attached, and it spikes up to as high as 130%. This is all without recording turned on. As a result the dropped frame icon is flashing quite a bit.

I am wondering if there is anything we can do to maximize the performance of this computer to run Boinx. There is no other software running along with it as this machine is dedicated to being used for Boinx.

Would an upgraded graphics card help with the rendering load? If so, could you make any recommendations?

Thanks for your help!


Honestly, we have even stopped to do real-world testing on PowerMac machines. We try to make sure it continues to run (for 1.x), but not more. Even back in 2008 when we developed 1.0, the performance of PowerMac machines was so inferior to Intel Macs of the time. Obviously the difference is a lot more drastic nowadays.
If you don’t need to record at all, there’s a chance of improving performance quite a bit by switching the document out of recording mode. Select Show > Record to Disk and make sure the flag at that menu entry is gone.
Other than that you can only make the document size smaller to lessen the burden on the system.
Hope that helps…

Version 1.2 will work nicely with a G5 2ghz/dualie with 8gigs RAM but you have to make compromises. You should be able to achieve 15fps @ 480x272 (try different res./fps settings).

You will also notice CPU load changes depending on your audio input source and input material. I have seen a USB input used with the internal output present the lowest CUP load and latency. The onboard might work best both in and out.

When audio actually passes through the devices the CPU load increases.

Remove drop shadows wherever possible, select faster video, over quality whenever possible.

Using any processing within Boinx adds CPU overhead (color controls etc.) although, when using color controls with a Canon HV-10 and selecting Full Screen versus 1 to 1, I show less CPU load than straight through with 1 to 1.

I can verify that Boinx 1.8 will choke a 2ghz/dualie G5 to death.

I followed Boinx advice and got a 512MB Quadro card for it, ebay $200
I did dramatically improved the quality.

Sorry I am on a G5 Quad