Perfect WLAN, perfect bonjour. Remote camera not usable any more

I am using a remote camera on an iPhone with iOS 8.1.1, iStopMotion on an iPad. It used to work perfectly. Now it is completely unusable. Both WLAN and bonjour is perfect. The connection to the iPhone gets lost after about 20 photos or some minutes. The only way to reconnect again is to stop both apps and restart. Until these 20 photos everything is fine.

There is absolutely no other traffic on the network (I stopped all other connections) and the connection quality is 1A. All other apps and connections in the local network work perfectly!!

Currently the app is just unusable. Any advice would be greatly appreciated … my son is so disappointed :frowning:

The WLAN is via a No bonjour topics. Bonjour works otherwise perfectly.

We heard of issues that started with iOS 8.1.1
So far we were able to reproduce connections drops as well and have to find out now why these happen and if we can work around this issue.

Are there any news on this topic?

I am experiencing this problem as well (just bought the app yesterday) - both idpad 4 and iPhone 6 are on iOS 8.1.2. Any news of a fix for this. Makes the app quite un-usable. Thanks.

For what its worth, I think we’ve found a relatively easy workaround when the iPad loses a connection with the remote iPhone camera. Get out of the iStopMotion app and go to the command center, then toggle Bluetooth off and on. Then you can return to the app. In hind sight, maybe turning off Bluetooth all together would work if you don’t need it while filming. I assume only wireless network is needed to communicate with camera.