Pausing video source through remote

Is it possible to pause a video source through the remote? I can freeze it, but the video continues to play behind the frozen screen (so to speak).

Many thanks

Second this, the ability to cue a video where it holds the first frame ready to play and also hold the last frame when it stops would be great also.

Thanks for the feature requests. Video playback controls are on our wishlist.

:+1: - thank you, that is awesome

On ours as well… :grimacing:. Please, add them to the prio list :crazy_face: for 5.11…:wink:

Any news on this feature? Having to pause a video mid presentation involves finding the teeny tiny play / pause button on the screen. Thanks

Hi @Marty_Jopson Thanks for bumping this thread. Currently, our top priority is to iron out some problems with M1 and Monterey and ship mimoLive 6. But extending the HTTP API (and therefore the Remote Control Surface) is also being worked on.

Thanks @Oliver_Boinx - good to know it’s on the list :wink:

And FYI - I’m on an MacBook Air (M1 2020), running Monterey (12.2.1) and Mimolive 6.0b9 and absolutely no problems. But then you already know the issue is more specific.

alsoBUMP. :slight_smile: Full controls, please. <3

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Where do we stand with this - just an API to trigger the existing pause/play button in a placer layer would suffice.