Pausing Recording?

Pausing Recording? I know this seems counter intuitive but the form factor is perfect so it would be good to use as pre posting.

Can you specify why you will need this? What is your goal and your application?

Let’s say you are recording a Powerpoint presentation using ARD to control Boinx and one camera plus a screen area for the powerpoint. One can do this and it works well. The problem is that you either have to 1. get it all right in an single take or 2. edit in post. If one were able to simply pause the record it would be very useful in the setup described.

Further … we do live switched (not live) 3 and 4 camera shows. The ability to pause is still useful but lacking as far as I can tell.

I would love this feature for times when I’m interrupted with someone entering the room etc. - A very handy thing to add to the app.

Thanks for your votes on this :slight_smile: