"paste geometry" doesn't work very well!

I have a question about under-titling.
Is there a possibility to put ALL the under titles on the same hight on
the different images?
And also is there the possibility to use an (black) outline on a white
font. So I used it always into my Magix made dvd’s. You can read much
better onto the tv-screen.


I get the answer;
Dear Mart,

To get the same hight for all the titles we suggest you to create one “reference” title. Then right-click on it in Timeline and choose “Copy Geometry” then click on any other title and choose “Paste Geometry”. Alternatively, you can copy this title and paste it using “Edit->Paste on Top” command and then change it’s contents as needed.

FotoMagico is using the Mac OS X standard font options panel to give you full control over the titles in your show. Once you have selected a title slide in the storyboard or timeline you can open this panel with the “A”-button in the titles section of the options panel on the right side of the document window. This panel is kind of tricky and reveals its real power if resized it to its maximum width and height. To do so grab the lower right corner of the panel and drag down and right. Now you can set up the color (top left) and the drop shadow (top right). At the bottom you find special controls for kerning and leading.
We hope it’ll help you to achieve the font effect you’re looking for.

Feel free to write us back if any questions arise.

Best Regards,
Ann Kuss,
Support Team,
Boinx Software Ltd.

  1. After the last update this doesn’t work because after “paste geometry” the picture goes down on the screen en there are no titles to see! See attachment)

A workaround is found by copy the undertitling en past it on top somewhere else, in another picture!