Party Tomorrow

I’m hosting a Halloween Karaoke Party tomorrow (Hallow-oke) I want my guests and singers to be able to post to the Big Venu Screen which I will set up as AirPlay from my MBP (with air parrot if need be)

I dont fully understand how I invite my guest to post their pictures, my iphone will be running partysnapper through test flight but how do i simply invite my audience to participate?

Im a DJ and Karaoke host, im expecting a few people in monster costumes, it would be a shame to miss out of the sharing

Thanks for help, I have both testflight and partysnapper installed on my phone, the part that didnt make sense to me was asking ten friends to install it as well. I was hoping that my audience would have a more simple solution - guess I’m simple haha

Paul, This is an excellent point. Once PartySnapper is final, it will be available to your party guests as a free download from the App Store.

For now, if you want other people to use PartySnapper at your party to contribute photos for the photo wall, you can either use your account to install it on their devices or have them sign up using the “Party Guests” link from the email we sent you regarding the beta test. Either way, the installation will be through TestFlight.

Think of TestFlight as the “App Store for beta testing”. :slight_smile: