Panasonic GH3 compatibility

Does anyone know if the Panasonic GH3 will capture images in iStopMotion? I don’t see it on the cameras tested by users list.

The list of users tested devices ( shows that no Panasonic cameras are supported to capture image via iStopMotion. We are using the PTP protocol via MacOS-X and it seems that Panasonic isn’t supporting this standard.

However you can download iStopMotion as a demo version from our website ( and test your camera with it. We highly appreciate if you could run the build in test to submit your findings to our server.

Hi, I use my Panasonic GH3 with iStopmotion 2 connecting via HDMI >BlackMagic Intensity Extreme > Thunderbolt > Mac. It’s a rather complicated set up, but it works fine! Beautiful in fact. GH2 is OK too. So far, this won’t work with iStopmotion 3 as it doesn’t support BlackMagic Intensity Extreme.