Out of focus

I am trying really hard to like FM, but now find that about a third of the photos I bring into the program from Lightroom (where they are tack sharp) are extremely out-of-focus.

Between this and the access denied issue, it appears to be an unusable program . . . or am I totally missing something?

FotoMagico isn’t altering the images from Lightroom. Can you specify what you mean with “out of focus”? Are they just in general blurry or of low resolution?

The images are blurry- I don’t think it’s a resolution problem.

I posted the following on my other discussion: “I did find a successful work around. By exporting all the pics to the desktop (or another folder) they all loaded fine and I had no problem with the blurred images I referred to [in this post.] (This is a bit inconvenient though.)”

In fact I had a “!” indicating the resolution was higher than needed for FM and should adjust the size to run smoother, which is not a problem.

Fotomagico still seems like the best option available, but it is frustrating to have to duplicate images onto my hard drive as an additional time consuming step in order to ensure ALL my images can be used in a slide show.

Any suggestions for a fix would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for the assistance

I have been a keen amateur photographer for quite a few years and have never been able to create AVs because I use a Mac. Fotomagico was recommended as software that I could use. It is far from easy, but at the moment the thing that is annoying me is that I too have blurry images. These were good quality jPegs from original RAW files. They are not blurred on Lightroom where I processed them. If I continue with blurry images will it show like that in the finised AV? Or have I done something wrong, or are the settings wrong? I don’t want to spend hours creating something that end up having blurred images! Should I have used RAW files rather than jPegs?