Orientator video orientation

Was trying this out and it mostly worked well but I hit one snag. I used the iOS Device Demo with the Orientator app on my iPhone 4S and the virtual iPhone turned as expected. The problem I had was when I rotated a full 90 degrees and the video from the phone reoriented the video overlaid by BoinxTV on the virtual iPhone did not. The result is wide video (horizontal physical phone) being squishedI could manually change the content orientation to correct but it would be much better/seamless if the video content orientation followed the phone orientation as well. Is there another way to do this or did I miss something?

I think the best solution is to lock the UI rotation on the iPhone itself. The problem is, that the Orientator Demo-Layer don’t react on the UI orientation changes (However, the “iOS Device Demo 3D” layer has an option for “UI Orientation”: when set to “automatic” it will select different portions from the iOS HDMI video when the UI of the iOS devices gets rotated)